We will plant the seed and God will make it grow

If you look back at our last post on our If you website (gosendjoin.us) you will see a post describing our first month in Kenya, “DEFEATED” .You will see that our first month was quite discouraging. It was a hard post to write but we believed we needed to be real and honest about what was happening. Even Read More

If I had to choose one word to describe our first month in Kenya it would be….defeated

  If we had to choose one word to describe our first month here in Kenya it would be defeated.  Every circumstance around us both in the U.S. side and Kenya side says go home!. Our daughters and family in U.S have been very sick, renter refusing to pay rent, changes in ministry here and Read More

Well, I will go down if you hold the rope

     “Well,  I will go down if you hold the rope” William Carey   This quote by missionary William Carey has given us courage as we embark into what the Lord has for us. This is biblical missions, Community holding the rope as we plunge into the deep end of the Lords will for Read More

Rejoicing over what God had done

Served with Rapha House at Utange Feeding Center today where we fed, played games, danced, did first aid and planted seeds of scripture for over 500 orphans. The director noted that she has noticed a big change in the children since we started coming.The picture above is of Wilson\(part of RaphaHouse)  doing first aid on a little girl Read More

A journey from hopelessness to hope

As I look back on my memories from 3 years ago I’m reminded of how hopeless I felt as I sat next to Lorraine s hospital bed where she had been laying for 9 months everyday every moment in excruciating pain after a tour bus hit her leaving both of her legs mangled. She had Read More

People God has placed in our path

Meet Mama Zura. She is the house mama at Rapha House(home for once homeless youth) She has been through many trials in her lifetime. One of the greatest trials … was when she gave her life to Christ… because of her faith her muslim family shunned her. She was no longer allowed to even speak Read More


Meet our new friend Moffat and the newest addition to the Rapha House Family. He is 12 years old. After arriving home from school yesterday afternoon he began to busily clean the house making sure not 1 thing was out of place. You can see he takes so much pride in a home.After cleaning he Read More

Sara and Brooke

I have so many stories on top of stories that I couldn’t even begin to tell them all. I had such a blessed day with Sarah and Brooke yesterday. They are our neighbors and we take care of each other. Sarah began coming to Kenya back in 2007. After retiring as an xray technition she Read More

Let us introduce you to some of the people God has placed in our lives

          I thought I’d take time everyday to tell you a little about all of the special people God has put in our lives here in Mombasa. I’ll start with Josephine our housekeeper. She is one of the most honest people I have ever known and would never steal even though Read More

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